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Data as a First Class Asset


I was commissioned to create this zoom background for the executive director of data governance at Morgan Stanley. I creative this based off of the phrase "data as a first class asset." The background was inspired by data visualization methods.

Dadaist Guide to CAS: Cover Page


I created a guide to a program called CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). The visuals were inspired by the dada movement and style of collage. I wanted to bring this into a more contemporary space with its pastel color scheme.

dada cover jpg.jpg

The Perfect Circle


This animation was created as a capstone project to an experimental drawing course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I had ask the members of my class to draw 5 circles each, touching all four sides of a box. I layered and averaged the results to create a final 'perfect' circle. 



I was commissioned to create a poster for a coding event at my high school. This poster was designed based off of circuit boards.

Hackathon RAMOS.jpg
Pops Logo Psdjpg.jpg

Privately Owned Public Spaces


This work was submitted as an entry to a competition held by New York CIty's Department of City Planning to design a logo for the program of Publicly owned Private Spaces. The program allows for tax incentives to developers who build publicly accessible spaces. This logo was designed with the idea of the intersection between the urban and natural environment. 

Male Body Image Poster


I was commissioned to create this poster about male body positivity for a body positivity social media account. This poster was meant to spread awareness about men's body image issues based off of a U.K. study. 

Amtrak the font.jpg

Amtrak Font 


I designed this font based off of the display boards in Amtrak trains. 


Cowboys, Swimming


I created this triptych based off of the painting "Cowboys, Hot Springs, Arizona" by Maxfield Parrish. I used the original painting and changed the positioning of the figures to create a short narrative piece. 

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